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Baby Monitor

Well, it's over a year since I last wrote on the blog and life has changed quite drastically since our bundle of joy arrived safely in December!

It takes time to develop pattern and routine with a little one and it's taking time to figure out my own routine around her too. When and how do I get my "quiet time"? Can it even exist now I'm a Mum?? Many people have suggested ways of finding time to spend with God around life as "Mummy" but non have really worked for me. Yes I can have a worship CD on in the background - but I never really hear it and engage. I could listen to talks as I take her out in the pram, but personally I cannot do that. If I'm taking baby bear out in the pram I am engaging with her and getting her to engage with the world around her, not plugging in my headphones and ignoring her! One of the best ways of engaging with things for me has always been listening to a podcast sermon as I sew. If I listen to a podcast and do nothing else my attention wanders - if I sew that takes up enough focus to stop my mind wandering, but I do it on autopilot enough to be able to fully listen to the sermon… Slowly but surely we are getting there and I am now getting time with my sewing machine again. It looks a bit different - there is a baby monitor by my side and time slots are limited to a maximum stay of one hour, but it's a start!

The hope is that I will get back into the rhythm of writing on here and in doing so process and figure out life as Mummy...

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