A step towards normality

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Maurice in StarbucksBaby bear and I have developed a mutually agreeable arrangement for midday fun known as "The Starbucks agreement". She lets me enjoy a break in Starbucks, so long as I choose a window seat and order her fruit toast. With these two requirements met she can happily entertain herself people watching out of the window lent over the back of my armchair whilst munching her fruit toast; whilst I can catch my breath and enjoy a hot chocolate and some spiced pumpkin loaf. We are not quite at the stage where I can read my Bible, as I need to ensure she doesn't nose dive off the back or smash Maurice the monkey into the window so hard it disturbs others (other than poor Maurice who is quite used to having his face smooshed!) but she enjoys the time and finds it fun, I enjoy the time and find it relaxing. I even feel like I have regained a bit of 'normal life' - if that exists! Win win!

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