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ThankfulBearOver the weekend we celebrated baby bear's first birthday. I can hardly believe a year has passed already, although at the same time it feels like she has always been a part of our lives. The last few days have been full of #thistimelastyear moments, the actual moment she was born, coming home from the hospital etc. As with any anniversary, as well as remembering it has made me think about the future. I have been trying to think about ways I can improve in the future. How can I be a better Mum? Pray for baby bear more and make sure she's growing up knowing The Lord. Am I appreciating and thankful enough for her and the blessing, the precious gift, she is in my life? Which got me onto thinking about other gifts I have and if I am appreciating and really utilising them? What am I doing to try and stretch and grow this gift of the prophetic God has entrusted to me? How can I develop it, how can I bless others with it and how do I step up into the things he has spoken over me that I'm not yet walking in? So far I have a lot of questions flying about my head and not many answers! But at least I've started to think about it and challenge myself! That's a start...

As a child until my mid twenties ironically I prayed and prayed asking The Lord to make me prophetic, having really taken on board 1Corinthians14:1 "Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy." [ESV] - I say ironically, because for years I was prophetic and did not realise. I dreamt about the future and when it happened in reality thought "cool, I dreamt that years ago"! I saw pictures and visions, but just assumed everyone did and that these were things for me, not realising that they were intended to be shared!

Over the last decade as things have been explained to me and I have started to understand - actually you are prophetic, this is your gift and this is how you can use it... it's been really exciting. I've been privileged to be taught, encouraged and discipled by some fantastic prophets. But what is next? Where do I go from here? I strongly feel I am meant to start doing the discipling and teaching part from the other side now, but when, with whom and how I'm not sure. I want so much to be doing all this regularly once more, nothing gives me life more than doing prophetic ministry - not even baking (& eating) cake! To know you have shared something of God's heart for a person with them - is such a privilege and a joy.

I need to work out how to balance my two biggest roles, of "Mummy" & "Wife" with the role of "Prophet". I want to achieve the super woman that is Proverbs 31... But one step at a time!

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