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These are a few of my favourite thingsHaving gained quite a few new followers on Instagram recently I thought I'd try #Fridayintroductions. Originally I wrote quite a long but to accompany the above photo, but realised it was quite long for an IG comment so I did a short one. For those of you looking for the more in depth version, here you go... Hi! I'm Rebecca. 💛 I'm married and have one beautiful daughter. 💡I am a Christian & so thankful to be saved by grace as I'd never even vaguely meet the grade on my own! 🔎 Recently I discovered journaling Bibles which has totally transformed my quiet time. Being a visual person & creative, having somewhere purposefully built in to doodle and jot down during Bible study is so helpful! ✏️ I can really focus in on a verse that's spoken to me in a way my ADD brain would struggle to otherwise & I love the journalingbible hashtag as its so inspiring! ✂️ I have a serious craft habit - which involves hoarding fabric and as you're on my website will know it obviously involves patchwork and quilting! 🍰 Baking is my other love - I'm a total home bird! 🚀 Exposure at a young age, thanks to my Daddy, means I am a huge SciFi fan. Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who... Love them all! 👭 On the girlie front I love Gilmore Girls - I think Rory & Lorelai's fast paced banter has a lot to do with that, oh and Jess of course! 😳 (Same reason I started watching Heroes!) 🎬 I find it really hard to not watch the end of a movie - no matter how bad it gets, I have to see how it ends! But did walk out of a cinema once, just ten minutes into the film! 💓 I also adore Boston Terriers, and tend to stalk them on Instagram as I don't have my own!

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