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Psalm 34 v 4These last few weeks I have really missed having time with my journaling Bible these as I've run around getting things ready for the move. I have still been reading, but not had any time to create. Thankful for a bit of time now to read in the car as eBear sleeps in the back (her cot is now dismantled and in the back of a removal van!) opened up at random and landed at Psalm34v4 [ESV] "I sought the LORD, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears." So appropriate! This move is the result of many prayers answered. A new job, a new home, a fresh start. And I am free from all fear in it. Moving to a completely new place where we don't know people (a number of friends close by but no one where we are living) most people probably would feel anxious, but I only know the joy of answered prayer and excitement in the anticipation of new fresh beginnings. The Lord has said so many positive things about this move - I just cannot wait to start this new adventure with Him and my family!

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