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After just 12 weeks of business I sent a parcel off to South Africa, which marked Grace and Salt ink being in four out of the seven continents. Europe, North America and Australia being the first three, Africa was the fourth... "So now I just need to get some Grace & Salt ink into Asia and Antartica and I've conquered the world" I thought!

imageIf you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed how much I love my Midori planner, otherwise known as the "Traveler's Notebook" which has been part of the inspiration behind this long and ongoing competition... I would like to be able to see and share the Pocket Prayer Journals [PPJs] I send out around the world as they travel. So, the challenge is to take a photo of your Pocket Prayer Journal wherever it is around the world you are [or take it to] then share it with the hashtag "#PPJ_aroundtheworld". Every quarter I will award a prize for the best photo and probably a treat for a few runners up too ;)

So get your thinking caps on, what are your local landmarks? If you're in Washington I would love to see a PPJ with the huge Abraham Lincoln who I've always wanted to visit myself. You live in Dublin - you could get a photo of one at the gates of the Guinness distillery. You live in Australia, take a snap with a koala. Off to Paris for the weekend, pack your PPJ and take a shot at the Sacré-Cœur! The possibilities are endless! And with all the BT-thirty-something groupies, I expect at least one PPJ to make it to the Giant's causeway please!!

Looking forward to your entries!

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