Prayer at the centre, faithDori rather than fauxDori

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I've had a couple of people ask recently if I will sell an inkDori without the pocket prayer journal insert - the short answer is no, the basic inkDori comes with a PPJ and all the others have one in too (and it's actually "free" I don't cost it in, so even if I took it out you wouldn't save any money). But more importantly the long answer is this, no the pocket prayer journal is an integral part of the inkDori because it's not just a "fauxdori" it's a "FAITHdori". I had a big debate at the start wether to call it a "FaithDori", "PrayerDori" but then settled on "inkDori" to tie it to the brand a bit more. I pray into each and every one as I make them and I've been amazed at the stories I've already heard about conversations that have started over several inkDori! Prayer is at the centre of Grace & Salt ink and at the heart of each inkDori, that's why I include the "PRAY" tab on the front for free and the pocket prayer journal in the middle! 😘



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