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inkDori Traveler's Notebook from Grace & Salt ink | art journal, bullet journal, journaling inspiration | bujo

In order to inspire you, I'm interviewing several inkDori enthusiasts to find out how they use thier's! Today we meet Tawni, aka @_tawnimarie_ about her THREE inkDori!! :) and you can read her own post about how her inkDori simplifies her life over on her own blog here!

JB-TawniBWHi, I'm Tawni, a wife and mama in Vienna, Austria. I'm addicted to coffee and ice cream, and obsessed with nail polish and lip gloss. I'm the voice and artist behind Tawni Marie, a creative lifestyle blog and design shop. I was introduced to the world of Midoris and Fauxdoris in 2015, and have been in love with the inkDoris ever since I laid eyes on them!

inkDori Traveler's Notebook from Grace & Salt ink | art journal, bullet journal, journaling inspiration | bujoWhat size and style is your inkDori? I have three inkDoris, and they've all got names, because I'm not a savage. Doris is the big mama -- she's a Chunky Deluxe in Dove Grey, with Stone colored elastic. Natasha is the fair maiden -- she's a Slim in Slate Blue, with Steel colored elastic. And last but not least (mostly because she was my first inkDori), Polly, so named because she's a Pocket inkDori in Violet, with Candy colored elastic

inkDori Traveler's Notebook from Grace & Salt ink | art journal, bullet journal, journaling inspiration | bujoWhat do you mainly use your inkDori for? Each inkDori has a special purpose. Doris, the Chunky Deluxe, holds the keys to the kingdom. I use Doris for bullet journaling/planning, brain-dumping, note-taking, and for art journaling (that's actually just my fancy way of saying "doodling"). Doris is obese. Natasha, the Slim, is my devo dori -- she holds all of my Illustrated Faith devotional booklets and a couple of blank notebooks dedicated to bible studies. And Polly, the Pocket, goes with me everywhere because she's so compact and cute. She's really lightweight with only four notebooks, which are dedicated to sermon notes, lettering practice, and random thoughts/notes I jot down while I'm "out on the town."

How do you use your inkDori?

This is a quick walk-through of how I'm able to fit TEN TN-sized journals and two TN-sized organizers into my "Slim" inkDori. (Which suggests on the website it is designed to fit three large Moleskine cahier jouranls in!) 

inkDori Traveler's Notebook from Grace & Salt ink | art journal, bullet journal, journaling inspiration | bujo& finally, why do you love it? I love my inkDoris because they keep me sane! Before I discovered the whole traveler's notebook concept, I was kind of all over the place between sticky notes, iPhone notes, digital calendars, desk calendars, and you-name-it. The traveler's notebook is the perfect solution to all of that mess. And why an inkDori over any other brand? Well, besides the fact that they're made with ACTUAL LOVE, they are the perfect combination of sturdiness and flexibility. I've tested and tried a few other brands of traveler's notebooks, so I can say with some sort of authority, which I've given myself, that the inkDori are far superior, and I really don't think there's any turning back for me!

inkDori Traveler's Notebook from Grace & Salt ink | art journal, bullet journal, journaling inspiration | bujoAbove is the photo I took Tawni's pocket inkDori when it was first made up, verses a photo Tawni took of it recently! Likewise, below is another recent photo of "Polly". Well loved, as you can see.

inkDori Traveler's Notebook from Grace & Salt ink | art journal, bullet journal, journaling inspiration | bujo


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  1. Tara

    Tawni thank you for sharing how you use your inkDoris :-). You fit so much in yours, it's amazing! I'm super excited for the Skinny inkDori launch and can't wait to order one soon. Xx

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  2. Emily

    So cool the way Tawni can fit so much into her inkdori! I love they way her inkdori's have been used and the fact that each one has a name! I personally don't have an inkdori but have one of your journals which are so handy! When you see just how much you can fit in inkdoris look very handy indeed!

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  3. Neely

    I LOVE the inkDori's!!! I have wanted one forever. I have so many notebooks scattered all over the place. I love the leather and all the beautiful colors. I think of all the travelers notebooks I've seen these are my favorite.

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  4. Heatherly

    I love the size for illustrated faith devos! That is what I would probably use it for as well. What I really want is a bible snug. They are the ones I love looking at. I am just unsure of the size and my bible sizes. I need to measure it in mm.

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  5. Kathleen Ulrich

    Loved the post and video. Nice to see all those Illustrated Faith inserts fit in!

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  6. Lauren

    Oh how I love always seeing pictures of Tawni's InkDori's. I love her organizational skills and hope to one day be the same! I've tried and failed a couple of times, but I'm getting to the point of giving it another go. With a kiddo in school now and #3 on the way I need someway to keep my life somewhat sane and in one place!

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  7. Arden

    Tawni's inkDoris are so inspirational!!! I have been trying to decide which one I want to add to my collection next-- I had been thinking of the Full Chunky, but after seeing how much can fit in a Slim maybe I should do that! (Although your new Skinny Cocoon is also calling my name!!!) Decisions, decisions!!

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  8. Angie

    Amazing on organisatonal front. So encouraging. Angie

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  9. Amy Magee

    I used to be a massive Filofax fan(other brands are available!!), as I've always preferred putting pen to paper to keep myself organised rather than going digital. But now I use my Inkdori to keep me sane! It's great to see how other people use theirs....

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  10. Naomi

    Where did you get the pockets that you have at the front of Natasha? Plus, how flexible are the doris when 'fully loaded'? I have a fabric one but find it difficult sometimes to take notes at church on my lap because it's too stiff and the page springs back all the time. That's just with 4 notebooks in.

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  11. Claudia

    Wow! Totally inspiring! Now I'll need more ink Doris! I love the keeping of the IF devotionals together! Thanks for sharing!

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  12. Kylie

    I love hearing/seeing all your uses for your different sized InkDori. I want to find another reason (excuse) to buy another one.... you may have just provided me with the perfect explanation for investing in another! Thank you.

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  13. Rhi Meade

    I love this! So interesting to see how other people use their inkDoris. Makes me think that I can probably justify another one.... x

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