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inkDori for Wedding Planning | Using a Traveler's Notebook for Wedding Planning | Grace & Salt ink inkDori Traveler's Notebook | Wedding Planning Organization

NatalieIn order to inspire you, I'm interviewing several inkDori enthusiastics to find out how they use thier's! Let me introduce you to beautiful Natalie, aka @nlussey who is talking about her Bridal inkDori...

I'm Natalie Seale (was Lussey) and I'm 27. I graduated with a PhD in Renaissance history and art history from the University of Edinburgh, summer 2016. I got engaged in December 2015 to my now-husband Quincy at his family's ranch in West Texas. We got married on 28th September 2016 in my church, St Mary's Dalmahoy, and had a beautiful two-day castle reception with our closest family and friends. We're now in the process of applying for my visa so we can settle in the US full time. 

Beyond that, I'm an avid reader; I practice yoga as often as I can; I love cooking and baking; and I started running 18 months ago to try and improve my asthma, which I've had since I was very young. I don't like Facebook, post all the time on Instagram, and vacillate between loving tea or coffee the most. My mum and my sister are my two best friends and being apart from them (and my nephew) is the only bad part of being in America. 

inkDori for Wedding Planning | Using a Traveler's Notebook for Wedding Planning | Grace & Salt ink inkDori Traveler's Notebook | Wedding Planning Organization

What style, size and colour is your inkDori My InkDori is a Bridal chunky deluxe with books dedicated to different aspects of my wedding planning: the gown; food, wine and flowers; wedding logistics and travel plans; contacts and suppliers; gifts and cards; and finally a prayer journal dedicated to praying for my marriage. My bridal inkDori is (of course!) made of white leather with a "bride" tab, and is fastened with candy pink elastic. 

inkDori for Wedding Planning | Using a Traveler's Notebook for Wedding Planning | Grace & Salt ink inkDori Traveler's Notebook | Wedding Planning Organization

What do you mainly use your inkDori for? I used my InkDori both in and out of the house when I was wedding planning. It was the perfect size to slip in my handbag so I could take notes when I was at meetings and appointments - I listed all the contact numbers I needed for all the suppliers, the details of my gown alterations, notes from our menu tasting, cake flavours, food prices, guest RSVPs, room allocations, details about orders of service, notes from our meetings with the organist and bagpiper, our guest's travel plans and hotels, details about the flowers, and many other things besides... 

inkDori for Wedding Planning | Using a Traveler's Notebook for Wedding Planning | Grace & Salt ink inkDori Traveler's Notebook | Wedding Planning Organization | Bible Journaling Wedding

All of the books ended up stuffed full of cards and information, with plenty of jotted down notes (some organised, most not!). The only thing I reserved for writing in at home was our marriage prayer journal, which I incorporated into my marriage preparation. Alongside my journaling bible I looked up verses and books associated with men and women, husbands and wives, families, and marriage. All of my notes and quotes I found are in there, which is such a nice record of that season of waiting. 

inkDori for Wedding Planning | Using a Traveler's Notebook for Wedding Planning | Grace & Salt ink inkDori Traveler's Notebook | Wedding Planning Organization

How do you use your inkDori day to day? My Bridal Dori became 

totally indispensable during the planning phase - with the help of my mum and sister, it took just four months, between Scotland and Texas, to get everything together and perfect! I was able to consolidate all the information I needed, wherever I was, which made it so much easier to contact people and keep an accurate record of things I needed to do. I couldn't go anywhere without it! I also used it every day as part of my self-led bible study, and it was such a valuable reminder of the need to make time for myself and time in the word.

inkDori for Wedding Planning | Using a Traveler's Notebook for Wedding Planning | Grace & Salt ink inkDori Traveler's Notebook | Wedding Planning Organization& finally, why do you love it? At the time when I was planning my wedding, I loved my Dori because it was such a helpful way of keeping all of the information I needed together. Now I love it for everything it stands for and means: it's a record of a season of waiting that I'll never go through again. It's also a record of all of my hopes and worries about marriage and my role as a wife, and I know in years to come I'll read through the pages and remember just how I felt when I was a bride-to-be. Beyond all of the symbolism, it's just a beautiful object - beautifully made with beautifully written titles that are so personal to me. 

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  1. Angie Spence

    Chat with your wonderful husband to be and make a list of the values that are really important to you both and will be foundational in your marriage. Look at your list and prioritise them and then enjoy dreaming/brain storming about how they can be reflected in your special day that marks this very precious new beginning. For example for me and my husband we knew that good stewardship was a strong belief we both held. We didn't have the financial resources to 'go mad' spending but even if we had we didn't want our wedding to be an expensive one. Being inclusive and a community spirit was also a strong value we held. This for us meant we had our wedding at the college we met, a fab friend who is a chef did some amazing cooking, classmates were the wonderful waiters and waitresses and in many other ways people didn't just attend our day but actually were key to making it happen!! In short..... Be true to who you are! Let your wedding day ring loud and clear what you believe to be most important. In doing this you will be investing in a lifetime together and not just trying to prefect ONE all be it 'special' day.

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  2. Arden

    My best friend got engaged at Thanksgiving, so I would love to win a bridal dori for her! My top tip is to not get too caught up in tradition & just make decisions that will make your wedding & reception be a reflection of you. I had hula hoops at my reception, & I was a little worried going in that some guests would judge us, but the hula hoops ended up being a huge hit with everyone!

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  3. Hannah Lockhart

    When planning a wedding a wedding my sisters greatest tip is to enjoy yourself and focus on God! Planning a wedding should only happen once and it can get so stressful but she would often take time to simply remind herself the real reason they were getting married and the excitement and adventures of the day, the future and Gods love. Which she said was always so easy to forget in the stress and busyness. God bless xo

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  4. Chloe

    My little sister got engaged last year, but is only just starting planning as she was finishing her PGCE. My wedding tip, from my own wedding, would be to remember to take 5 minutes with your new spouse to look at the day and take it all in together - you spend so long making sure everyone else is happy it is easy to forget about the new married couple at the centre of it all!

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  5. Kristy

    I got engaged this past May and will be marrying my best friend this August! My too tip would be to enjoy every single moment and don't stress over the little stuff. Try and take everything in ... this is your time to celebrate the love you have for you other half.

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  6. Lucy

    I recently got engaged and am just getting into the planning of the wedding! We're going to have guests from all over and want to make sure they feel relaxed and get to know one another. Because of this, my tip would be to have conversation starters such as "how did you meet the bride/groom?" at the tables during the reception. We're enjoying praying our way through the planning and are excited to see where our journey will take us!

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  7. Rachael

    My top tip would be to make a Pinterest board and get down all of your ideas, then you can sit and go through everything and see what matches and suits you. We're saving up to get married at the moment so this would be a great way to get things organised and make sure we stick to our budget :)

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  8. Harriet Atkins

    My beauty of a 'sister-in-law to be' is getting married to my brother in October this year and I would love to win this for her! Our top tip to them for planning a wedding is to find ways (even tiny ones) to ENJOY it! Whether it's treating yourself to a meal out at the end of a day of venue shopping - to simply grabbing an hour to do some wedding admin with a coffee and cake to sweeten the chore.. planning a detailed event where all the people in your life you care about will be there on one day can be stressful! With this Beautiful gift, I can imagine her at a coffee house InkDori in hand, getting herself organised in a beautiful way!!

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  9. Naomi

    I got engaged last August! And time has just flown since that! We are planning to get married in the September of next year! We haven't a lot of planning done yet.. which is why this ink dori is so appealing to me, it would get me started!! But since I've been planning my wedding my whole life basically, my tip and my plan is to do a lot myself. I think this makes it personal as well as a money saver! And most of all to enjoy this time of planning and I personally am thanking God for the continually for the blessings of engagement and the marriage to come!

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  10. Anna Brown

    I got engaged last September and am getting married next October as autumn in my favourite season! Lettering and make it all your own! That is my tip! Pinterest is good but make sure it's stuff that suits you and that you like! Making everything yourself is also a fab fab way to save your money and roping your bridesmaids and other friends in as well to help you as well!

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  11. Zoë

    My sister got engaged this year and asked me to be maid of honour which was amazing! After seeing her get engaged at the end of the half marathon, I feel like I've been part of the whole thing which is an amazing privilege for a sister. My tip is just always agree with the bride - cause she's always right. I know she would completely love this ink dori to help her get organised!

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  12. Megan

    I recently got engaged last November and getting married in December 2017 ???? My wedding tip would be calligraphy & uniqueness!! I've recently started to get into calligraphy and it's a great way if saving the pennies, on table names, bible verse packs & table menus. Also make your wedding how you want it to be delight in the time of prepping for your BIG day! Fill it with Gods love, joy and grace throughout your day.

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