Acknowledge Where You've Come From

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Bible Journaling with Grace & Salt ink | inkDori | Watercolor Bible Journaling

I started a new journaling Bible for the new season I knew was starting in 2017. But I've found it really hard, I miss my old friend. I miss my previous notes. And days like yesterday I especially miss the tiny footprints of eBear within the word! So I am choosing to be kind to myself. I'm keeping going in my original. There may be no room in some pages, there may be bits of lettering that I shake my head at now, shaky and forced as I tried to discover my own style. There are pages I don't particularly like even! But that is a reflection of life isn't it. There are days I look back at and shake my head, if I got a do over I'd do them SO differently. (Gosh if I could rewind the last hour I'd probably do it differently! Rather than crying in front of eBear because she point blank refuses to take her medicine!) but - these pages, these DAYS, are part of my journey. They shape my journey, they show how far I've come. They are worth cherishing. So I'm being kind to myself, I'm acknowledging a new season doesn't mean you have to ignore everything from the previous season. #dontthrowthebabyoutwiththebathwater ????

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