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Lina-inkDoriSoftJournalSo you may have seen on our Instagram Stories this week, I am doing a little experiment with my large Slim inkDori Premium Traveller. One of the Grace & Salt ink Ambassador teamLina, has been experimenting with her brand new inkDori Chunky Deluxe[By the way, you can see her very cute inkDori "unboxing" video over on her YouTube Channel!] For the moment at least, Lina has taken out some of the cahier journals that came in the inkDori and replaced them with a soft cover moleskine, as she wanted to try bullet journaling in one. [see fellow Grace & Salt ink Ambassador Tawni's intro to bullet journaling over on her blog here.] I was really inturged by this idea. A few days later another friend and customer Sarah did a similar set up, putting a soft cover Moleskine diary into her Premium Traveller Slim inkDori! So that sparked enough of my interest to get me playing. I've put a softcover Moleskine in my own large Premium Traveller Slim inkDorialong side two of the normal large cahier journals and my zipper organiser pouch, becuase I cannot go without that! I'm going to be 'road testing' it over the next month and then I will be feeding back on how it's gone, so far I'm really enjoying it! :)

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