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Watercolor Bujo Insert | Bullet Journaling with a Grace & Salt ink inkDori

“The only way anyone can live in peace, is if they are prepared to forgive.”

- The Doctor.

Does anyone else ever get advice from their husband, partner, mother, sister, brother, father, best friend etc and just ignore it?! Even when it’s really good advice!? It’s almost like the person is too close to you and you just kind of don’t take it in. And then a few weeks later someone else, a friend or co-worker maybe, will say exactly the same advice and you’ll suddenly think it is a really good idea and take it on board... or is this just me!? I’ve lost count of the number of times my poor husband has stood there exasperated saying “I said that to you two weeks ago!? Like almost word for word the SAME thing and you completely ignored me!!” ???? sad but true! I’ve been struggling with a situation for over seven months now and a few weeks ago, my husband said to me I just needed to forgive the guy and move on. My anger and unforgiveness was not effecting the person at all, but it was effecting me and our family. I didn’t take that advice well. I felt angry. This person assaulted me, they’ve left me scared both physically and emotionally. How can I just forgive him and let it go!? He’s not even sorry for what he did!! That was my thoughts as my husband spoke good advice to me. I was still so very angry.

Watercolor Bujo Insert | Bullet Journaling with a Grace & Salt ink inkDoriBut I’ve been mulling it over since he said this advice to me. And this morning I came to the conclusion he was of course right, I do need to let it go and move on. But I felt a bit lost on HOW. I prayed that God would help me, help me forgive this person and help me let it go. And then I broke into “Let it go!” From Frozen and wondered if I could pinch a picture of Elsa from one of my daughters magazines from my journal to mark this starting to let go. But do you know what, even better than Elsa... I was watching Doctor Who (S9) and he said this fantastic quote. And I thought, the Doctor is so wise! I have to forgive and then realised, I’d done it again! 

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