Adding Journals

How to put journals in your inkDori

You can watch a video from our YouTube channel, were I demonstrate how to add additional journals to your inkDori once it has arrived. Demonstrating both a single strung and double strung style, using a single strung pocket sized and a double strung A6. 

Or below you can see a step by step guide with photographs.

First journal in

1. Take your first journal [which will be the center journal in your inkDori] open it to the centre page and slip it under the main vertical elastic.

Attach remaining journals with elastic, into pairs

2. Take your remaining four journals and attach them with elastic loops in pairs. [Elastic should run down the centre pages of both journals and be thinner than the colouered elastic threaded into your inkDori] Making sure the left hand journal is face down and the right hand is face up.

Slip one pair under the central journal

3. Slip one of these pairs underneath the central journal you have already inserted.

You now have three journals in!

4. So you now have three journals!

Slip the next pair in, under the central journal

5. Take the next pair of journals and slip it underneath the central journal you have already inserted.

You did it!

6. High five! You have a fully threaded inkDori!